RRTF- Dialogue Circle

Come at noon for a light lunch and stay for the Dialogue Circle from 1 – 3pm.  Please rsvp to:  rightrelations@uusm.org so we have enough food.

This is an exciting process of contemplating and deciding how we want to be with one another.  We are committing to our highest aspirations for relationship and we need everyone’s voice and heart for it to fully reflect our community.

After the three Dialogue Circles where the Right Relations group will gather feedback and input, a final draft covenant will be sent to the Board.  Once they approve, the Covenant will be in its final form and will be voted on by the congregation.  We hope your aspirations for how we agree to be with one another will be reflected in the final draft.  To be certain of that, attend a Dialogue Circle or email your thoughts and comments to:  rightrelations@uusm.org.

Thank you for your thoughtful participation and engagement in this important undertaking.


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Vilma Ortiz