Fostering an Undefended Heart – Morning Meditation and Check-in - Zoom/Online

Join in a weekday morning meditation and check-in session on Zoom May 9-20 and May 30-June 10. We’re following along with Insight Timer’s Karen Anderson as she leads a course on Fostering an Undefended Heart. It's a 30-day course, and we are in days 11-20, but you will benefit from even one day of participation.


As Karen Anderson says, “Many of us wait for conditions to bring about enjoyable emotions such as love or peace. But wisdom traditions teach that we can in fact practice cultivating these states, as they are at the core of our true nature but often get obscured by fear and confusion. This course invites you on a profound exploration of daily 'heart practices', drawn from various traditions, to comprehensively promote positive emotional states. These pro-social attitudes- called the 'abode of the gods'- include loving-kindness (founded on forgiveness), compassion, joy and equanimity.” Although you may want to complete this course, it is recommended to repeat a given heart practice until it takes root in your heart and mind.


For these brief 30 minute sessions, we will sign on at 9 AM, settle in for a brief lesson and meditation, and close by a 10 minute checking in and sharing what’s on your heart and mind as you launch your day. Contact for further information.

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