Healthy Congregation Council: InterGroup Dialogues Across Difference

Please join us on Sunday, August 18 at 11.45 a.m. in the Cottage SouthEast for the second Healthy Congregation InterGroup Dialogues Across Difference.  These events provide contained and respectful spaces where we can discuss topics about which we may strongly disagree.  InterGroup Dialogues encourage thoughtful verbal exchanges directed to more thoroughly understanding each others' possibly opposing perspectives.  The goal is not to debate, nor to change each others' minds, nor even to come to an agreement, but rather to explore controversial issues while appreciating our differences, to accept the inherent worth of each another's viewpoint, and in so doing to uphold the dignity of our fellow congregants. The topic for the upcoming gathering will focus on aspects of our varying experiences with food - for example physical health, social and emotional well-being, scarcity and the ethical implications of what we eat. Dialogues Across Difference: Are we what we Eat?

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Audrey Lyness