Nature Journaling with Dorothy Steinicke - Zoom/Online


Nature Journaling on Ocean Plankton

Sunday, March 27 at 2:30pm

Continuing with our ocean theme we are moving on to the drifters, plankton.
Join us in nature journaling about some of the tiniest but most important
living things, ocean plankton. The ocean is where life began and some of
these organisms are among the most ancient of living things. They remain
crucial to life on earth, being a carbon sink for greenhouse gases, providing
oxygen and being the base of the entire food web. Not to mention that many
are both fascinating and beautiful. We will work from photos as we journal
about these ocean drifters in many of their diverse form. All that is needed
for participation is curiosity, pencil and paper, or whatever medium you
would like to draw and write in.
This session will be facilitated by Dorothy Steinicke, a member of UUSM
and a lifelong lover of nature and the outdoors. Dorothy has spent years
encouraging people to experience the natural world.

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