Nature Journaling with Dorothy Steinicke - Zoom/Online

Nature Journaling with Dorothy Steinicke

Sunday, July 31, from 2:30pm-4pm


Join us to learn about ferns and examine and journal on them.

Ferns are non-flowering, non-seed producing plants that reproduce by spores.  They are an ancient lineage of plants that existed on earth long before the dinosaurs.  They are interesting because they are different from all other plants.  They are also exceptionally beautiful.  Participants in this session are encouraged to have a fern or piece of a fern with them in order to make direct observations.  They are also encouraged to have a magnifying glass in order to get a closer look.  Photos will be provided if it is not possible to have an actual fern.

A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Dorothy Steinicke has spent years encouraging people to experience the natural world. She leads hikes for children and for adults in Topanga Canyon, Ballona Wetlands, and Dockweiller State Beach.

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