Nature Journaling with Dorothy Steinicke - Zoom/Online

Nature Journaling on Local Sea Shells and Their Former Occupants                                           

January 30, 2022, 2:30pm-4pm

Sea shells are the former homes of sea creatures, usually mollusks. The
shells that they leave behind are often beautiful and intriguing. We will
spend this nature journaling session considering some of the sea shells of the
Santa Monica Bay and learn a little about the animals that used to occupy

If it is possible, I ask that you come to our session with a local shell or shells
to journal on. If it isn’t possible, I will have photos that you can work from.
This session will be facilitated by Dorothy Steinicke, a member of UUSM
and a lifelong lover of nature and the outdoors. Dorothy has spent years
encouraging people to experience the natural world.

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