Facilities Development Committee - Beautify the UUSM Campus

Help the Facilities Development Committee Beautify the UUSM Campus!
- Could you donate mulch to help preserve our plants and soil?
- Could you donate some small 4" or 6"plants, such as Lavender, Rosemary, Ceanothus (California Lilac), Salvia, Rainbow Flax, Society Garlic or another drought-tolerate plant? 
We have a new irrigation system, so we are ready to replant our perimeter planter beds. 
* Could you help us do some work on an upcoming Saturday or Sunday? Work may include gardening, painting of garden walls, inside painting touch ups, organizing closets and more ... we have lots of jobs for all abilities. 
Contact: Beth Brownlie, beth.brownlie1@gmail.com or (310) 560-4856, (text me too!)
 Much appreciation for your care for our Facilities!
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Beth Brownlie