UUSM Earth-Moving Financial Meeting

Plan to attend the UUSM Earth-Moving Financial Meeting on March 24 at 12:15 to get your financial hardhat and flashlight!  Our pledge drive is over, and this event will look at how we did and some options for next steps that we can think about.  
Following the meeting there will be the
Young Adult Brunch and Tax event
Are you new to doing your taxes? Do you want to know difference between standard and itemized deductions, or what "write it off" means? And what really is an audit anyway?  Come to the young adult brunch in Forbes on March 24th after the Early Warning event for our long awaited bagels from Bagel Nosh, and hear Gar and Nina have a chat about tax basics just in time for the filing date on April 15!  We are asking everyone to chip in 5 dollars to help cover the cost of the bagels.  
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Rev. Greg.
Kit Shaw
Jacki Weber
Robin Stillwater