FIA Commission

Sarah Mae Harper and James Witker, co-chairs

The mission of the Faith In Action Commission is to coordinate social action efforts in the church, empowering the congregation to choose social justice issues for study and action, and integrating those activities fully into the overall life of the congregation in a way that is rooted in the moral and ethical values of our faith, as expressed in our Vision Statement and the Principles and Purposes and Statements of Conscience of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Action is based on careful research, analysis and thoughtful study embracing service, education, witness and advocacy issues through a range of activities including task forces, community organizing, study groups, alliance building, committees and ad hoc groups as needed. The Faith In Action Commission:

  • Coordinates the church's witness and advocacy program through quarterly meetings of membership and ad hoc (periodic) meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • Functions according to policies and procedures developed internally and reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors.
  • Sponsors important recurring events and activites, including:
    • FIA Table and Bulletin Board
    • FIA Newsletter column
    • Annual FIA Gallery Wall (November)
    • Generous Congregation program
    • FIA Speakers Program
Rick Rhoads and James Witker