Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and Secularists (AAHS)

A part of the family at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica
Statement of Purpose
AAHS is a group dedicated to creating a welcoming place for non-theists within the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of Santa Monica and in the wider community.
In a world where religious conservatives oppose private and civil rights on scriptural grounds, where school boards are trying to inject superstition into science classrooms, where our leaders abdicate responsibility to a higher source, do you ever feel like the scales are tipped against you?
You are not alone.
Non-theists, freethinkers, rationalists, spiritual-but-not-religious, and “none of the above” now make up 14% of the country and for adults under 30 the rate is twice that. Here at UUCCSM, nearly half of the members identify themselves as religious/secular humanist, agnostic or atheist.
AAHS is a group within the UUCCSM church family for anybody who embraces the values of UUism while also holding a rational world view without the need for a supernatural creator.
As UU’s we are united by shared values embodied in the 7 Principles. Like many who hold a traditional theist view, we find inspiration in the wonders of the universe, strength in the community of fellow-travelers, and compassion that motivates us to make the world a better place for all.
From Epicurus to the Enlightenment, Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Paine, fight up to contemporary thinkers like Paul Kurtz, religious skeptics have brought the power of creativity, reason and intellect to bear on the challenges we face as a species.
Our focus is to create meaning in our lives in the here-and-now rather than hoping for the hereafter. We celebrate the triumphs of the arts and sciences to ease human suffering and enrich the precious time we each have to be alive.
AAHS seeks to create dialog with people from across the broad spectrum of beliefs in our UU tradition. As part of the growing ground swell of secularism, we feel that non-theists have something to offer in the ways we live our UU values.
Please feel free to join us for fellowship, free thought, and frank discussions about the role of the rationalist in the community of UUCCSM.
We meet every 4th Sunday in the Cottage after the 11:00 service (10:00 during summer months) unless otherwise announced. All are welcome.
Would you like to be informed about AAHS events? Contact us at and we will be glad to add you to our email list. 
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