Lifespan Religious Education Instructor (Sundays) - Pre-K through 12th grade

Instruct or assist in one of our Sunday RE classes.

The time and effort involved in teaching are really a gift to the fellowship: a very important gift, because teachers have no small part in helping to shape our children's lives. Teachers can make a difference in a child's life and thereby help make the world a better place (the world changes one person at a time). Our children are our future, and we must invest in them wisely. But at the same time, teaching isn't only about giving. Teachers also have the opportunity to receive a lot in return for their efforts.

Teaching is an opportunity: to have fun, to grow personally and gain confidence, to discover abilities we didn't know we had, to further develop our own belief systems, to become more religiously literate along with the children, to get to know the children (and parents) in our fellowship, to develop closer friendships with other adult teachers through teamwork, and to feel satisfaction in helping to keep our fellowship healthy and strong.