Making Room at the Table (one service at 10 a.m.)

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Rev. Kikanza Nuri-Robbins
Pulpit Host: 
Leon Henderson-MacLennan
Questions to ponder: Think of a time when you tried to make room at a table for yourself. If
you were silenced or felt isolated, what were the circumstances? If you had a seat but no voice,
what were the circumstances? Did things change? How?
Think of a time when you invited others to sit at a table where you had a place. What was
done to make the newcomers welcome and comfortable? How did things change? What did you
learn about yourself? …from those who had been invited?
It’s one thing to talk about diversity—almost every organization has a diversity goal—but
diversity is where the work starts; it is not the end-product. The end goal is diversity and
inclusion, where everyone has a seat at the table, they have equal access to all that is served,
and they are being served something they want.
[Note:  No audio recording is available for this service.]