Nursery & Preschool

Nursery Care: For newborns to age 3
Curriculum: tender, loving care

Meets in the Southwest room of the cottage. Available 8:40-10:15 & 10:40-12:15.
Care is offered between the services for members of the church choir only.

Babies and toddlers are kept safe and happy with loving care. We do not yet have a dedicated nursery space, but what we lack in surroundings we make up for in warmth and welcome. Staffed by professional childcare providers and loving members of our church community. Parents and guardians are requested to formally register their children in the fall. They should provide adequate food or snacks and be sure their baby is freshly changed. For safety reasons, our staff does not change diapers.

For more information, please see our letter and registration form for nursery parents.


Preschoolers Ages 3-5
Curriculum: "We are Many, We are One" 

Meets in the Northwest room of the cottage.

“We Are Many, We Are One” encourages young children to learn how to play and work cooperatively, appreciate how we are all alike yet different, and celebrate the different religions and cultures of the world.

The primary goal of this class is to create an atmosphere that invites religious growth and learning. With an emphasis on psychosocial development, the fundamental objectives of this class are for young children to feel support and affirmation for their individuality, to experience a sense of belonging and importance as members of a group, and to connect with the classroom and congregation as an open, straightforward place where all aspects of life can be discussed.

For more information, please see our letter and calendar for Preschool parents.