The Top 10 Reasons for Not Joining the Choir ...and Why That's No Excuse!

10. I can't read music.

There are many strategies for learning. Different members use tape recorders, make helpful notations on their scores, come early or meet outside to work with another choir member to practice parts. These are just some of the creative solutions.

9. I'm scared of auditions.

This one is easy. There are no auditions. Everyone is welcome.

8. I can't come every week.

Attendance is on an "as possible" basis. It's important to have a sense of commitment, but allowances are made for real life.

7. I've never sung anywhere but the shower.

This is just like singing in the shower, except for the water and being alone. Fear of being in front of a crowd is greatly reduced by being one of many. There is no individual pressure - it's a blend thing.

6. I don't have childcare.

We should try to figure that one out.

5. I am not a member.

Membership is not a requirement. Contributing to the music of the community makes you a much appreciated "friend."

4. I don't know what part I sing.

Saunder will know right away.

3. I have musical dyslexia.

See #10 above.

2. I can't take direction.

You WILL take direction! Saunder makes it easy.

1. The plate in my head receives messages from outer space, when I sing in harmony.

No problem - the chancel has been retrofitted with an intergalactic interceptor shield.

What's Your Excuse?